Caves of Keash a sell out on national tour #SouthSligo

Something very unusual is taking place deep inside caves around the island of Ireland this summer – and the Caves of Keash in South Sligo are first on the list of dates. ‘Entirely hollow aside from the dark’ is a very different type of artwork indeed. It’s obviously of huge interest as the tickets for Keash on 27th, 28th and 29th July are completely sold out.
The brainchild of visual artist and Cavan native AlanJames Burns, the national tour of ‘Entirely hollow aside from the dark’ will see participants standing in the dark inside ancient caves, listening to an audio artwork via special ’3D’ speakers.
The Caves of Keash are the first of just five caves where the tour will take place. AlanJames visited about 50 caves before making his final choice. The other four are Lickhill Cave (Skibbereen, Cork), Aillwee Cave (The Burren), Smuggler’s Cave (Portrane, Dublin), Pollnagollum Cave, Boho Waterfall (Enniskillen, Fermanagh).

Each event takes place at night and when the ticket holders arrive they will be given a torch. They are then guided to the cave.

“As you are walking into the cave, the cave is breathing,” said Burns. “Once inside you’re subjected to an inner monologue or assumed consciousness of sounds and words flying around your head. They’re coming from many directions. You have no idea how big or small the cave is. You’re brought on a journey through someone’s mind while trying to get out of your own mind.”

A documentary is also being made about the events. “It’s been some of the best times of my life,” said Burns, who has loved travelling around the country, meeting new people, and working with friends on the project. “This is all very new and exciting.”
‘Entirely hollow aside from the dark’ is supported by Sligo County Council, Sligo Arts Service, CreativeIrl and The Fox’s Den Pub in #Keash.

The event is sold out but a waiting list is being operated. If you’d like to get your name on that list contact them through the website.

Photo courtesy of The Foxs Den