The Coleman Traditional Irish Music Centre is located in Gurteen, Co. Sligo. The Centre is a celebration of Irish music, local culture and heritage dedicated to the memory of the late Michael Coleman (1891-1945) who was one of the most influential traditional musicians of the twentieth century.

The theatre in the Coleman Centre can accommodate 150 people and is also used to host Ceili nights and exhibitions by writers, painters and craftspeople from the locality and beyond. A range of concerts are regularly hosted here with artists and musicians performing and visiting from all over the world. The theatre also houses an audio-visual display on the music of South Sligo and the life of Michael Coleman.

In the exhibition room, visitors can experience the instruments, musical styles and individual musicians from the beginning of the last century right through to the music of today. This permanent exhibition also has interactive multimedia terminals which will educate you on local lore and traditions, music and Irish dancing styles. You can also see how the musical instruments are made.

In the reception area, visitors will find a gift shop which stocks a large selection of gifts including traditional music CD’s, DVDs, Instruments and accessories.

The farmhouse cottage is a replica Michael Coleman’s original home and gives visitors a unique insight into how people lived in the early 20th century in Ireland. The building has three rooms, is constructed of red and white limestone and is roofed in traditional thatch. The cottage contains furniture and other artefacts dating back to the 1920’s, which adds to the visitor’s experience.  You can also visit the Music Archive which has an impressive collection of traditional music and song from the past and present.

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