South & West Sligo Tourism has been entered into the Community Tourism Initiative in the Pride of Place Awards 2018 with judging taking place early next month.

The IPB Pride of Place Awards is an all-Ireland competition, which started in 2003. It celebrates local group contributions to the community and the creation of civic pride. The aim is to acknowledge the work being done every day by communities all over the island of Ireland. The judges focus on people coming together to shape, change and improve daily lives in their communities. Pride of Place aims to work in partnership with communities, to encourage best practice, innovation and leadership in providing vibrant sustainable living in our communities.

The judging will take place on Monday September 10th at 10 a.m. at Castle Dargan and will include a presentation to the judges outlining why South & West Sligo Tourism deserve the award. The judges will be shown the range of activities, walks and trails, accommodation, food, drink and festivals that are available in South & West Sligo. The presentation will showcase how members have worked together to develop and unveil the hidden gems and treasures in the location.

The ‘My Sligo’ campaign, which was launched in April 2018, allows every video or photo uploaded using #MySligo to be seen all over the world. The initiative has allowed people to share what Sligo means to them and celebrates the scenery, sights and diversity of this incredible county. The successful ‘My Sligo’ campaign will be highlighted as it has grabbed public interest and the #MySligo continues to be shared across all social media platforms. We also plan to show how South & West Sligo Tourism has been successful in highlighting the region as a tourist destination, while also bringing these ‘hidden gems’ to the attention of locals who may not have known about them.

Please come along on Monday September 10th to show your support for South & West Sligo Tourism.